Wiredcraft 招聘 Android 高级工程师


诱惑:外企,弹性工作(无加班),工程师文化, 远程办公

简历写法及注意事项见:80% 以上简历都是不合格的,简历模板见:推荐两个技术简历模板



Here's a few reasons on why you'll have a blast, guaranteed:

  • We build sh*t that matters for some of the biggest organizations in the world, from Google to Starbucks and the UN. We built the software running the elections of Myanmar (not kidding) and fixed HR with machine learning for billion-dollar companies.
  • We're wicked smart, passionate and don't settle on quality. You'll get to learn from some of the smartest folks in town and grow your skills like never before.
  • We care about each other... a lot! We try really hard to keep everybody happy, whether it's with perks (free snacks, Macbook, ergonomic chair, books, standing desks...), flexible working hours, company trips or generous vacation and remote work policies. Our playbook has all the deets.
  • We use cool tech and encourage people to learn. Most of our colleagues are T-shaped. If you're not, we'll help you get there. We used Node.js, Drip campaigns, React, A/B testing, Figma, Docker and design thinking before it was cool. (We know, so hipster).
  • We have a strong culture built on trust. We're transparent and treat our colleagues like responsible adults. Read more about our culture in our playbook.
  • We're in Berlin, Shanghai, and soon NYC. We also occasionally have folks moving around offices or working remotely.


  • 负责 Android 产品开发
  • 参与功能的优化和迭代
  • 负责发布软件


  • 较强的英文能力
  • 掌握kotlin语言
  • 良好的编码习惯
  • 有过至少一个 Android 项目的经验
  • 良好的沟通合作能力
  • 对 Android 的技术发展趋势敏感,乐于学习新技术


在线申请(优先处理),或者发送邮件到 job@wiredcraft.com


上海静安区武定西路 1189 号

请用 PDF 版简历,可同时抄送给 trinea.cn+job@gmail.com 方便获取进度。

推荐职位:滴滴 Android, 20k-40k, 16 薪、期权、六险一金

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简历写法及注意事项见:80% 以上简历都是不合格的,简历模板见:推荐两个技术简历模板

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